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Software Development Programs

There is a seminar conducted by Macwill on 06/08/2014 (Saturday). I (Harjit Singh) delivered a lecture to software Developers. Following points were discussed during the seminar. Let’s discuss them briefly.


What is practice?

  • Practice is habit, a routine, doesn’t need to remember and need dedication and commitments.
  • When practice makes a person perfect in driving, swimming, singing etc. similarly practice makes a software developer to legend.

What practices a developer should do?

Read software code

  • Every Developer should read Source code written by other experienced Developers. It will improve writing skills of code as well as remove the mistakes. By reading source code of others, one will know which source code is the best one.
  • There are many attributes of software codes i.e. Indentation, Commenting, History Headers, function structure etc. these attributes makes your code the beautiful.

Complete documents before start coding

  • There are some essential documents in software development. These are Software Requirement Specifications (SRS), Impact Analysis Document, Design Document Specifications (DDS), Assumptions and limitation Lists etc.
  • Do not jump to direct coding. Work out for the above mentioned documents before start coding it will enhance your performance of software development

Create and follow coding standard

  • Every organization should have a set of defined coding standards.
  • File Naming Conventions, Function and Module Naming Conventions, Variable Naming Conventions, History , Commenting etc. are few area for which we should create and follow coding standards.

Code should be written to be revised

  • While writing your source code keep in mind that someone will review your code.
  • Bad Coding, Not following coding standards, Not keeping performance in mind, readability is poor etc. are some points for which you can be criticized.
  • Every developer should review his code at least once; it will remove 90% mistakes.

Testing to be followed like religion

Do not trust yourself while developing, no matter how small the change or how senior you are. You have to perform testing if you have tight schedule or change is very small then even No compromise.

Celebrate every bug you find

  • Bugs are your enemies so you have killed one. Now your software have one bug less.
  • Do not criticize any developer in case of bug arises, there is no programmer who can write bug free source code. That is why in SDLC there is a phase called Testing.

Keep your code and documents safe

  • Make a habit to take back up on daily basis. Otherwise when a machine crash it will also crash you.
  • Method to take backup should be clear and files or folder names should written with date and time as multiple files may confuse.

Sharp your axe frequently

  • We always learn from Books or internet but it IT sector we learn lot of things from our colleagues. Urge your peer friends to give you a lesson and be thankful to him after getting the lesson.
  • Follow technical forum, magazines, bulletin boards, conferences, training workshops to get knowledge for latest technologies.

Stress management

  • As you grow in organization so will your responsibilities and also your stress. Open communication is the effective weapon to kill stress at some extent.
  • There may be many reasons for stress but take it professional way. Just make aware your manager about your issues he will definitely give you a solution.
  • Create a list of your pending works and then prioritize them. This will definitely reduce your stress.
  • Stress is a part of job so keep moving on. Just do a little more extra overtime to finish your delivery.
  • Exercise, Morning Walk, Yoga or meditation, spend good time with friends or family are some more remedies to reduce stress.

Managing manager

  • Do agree with the saying that ‘Boss is always right.” Try to give fast deliveries it does not matter to put some extra overtime.
  • Reduce your demands in terms of salary, promotions etc.
  • Be neutral as much as possible, do not criticize any other peer in front of your manager.
  • As managers always need great resources so things will come automatically just have patience. Just realize your manager that you are the important and brightest resource for project then your manager never like to lose you.

Summary: It is easy to do just coding but to become a good Developer needs some hard work and dedication in doing lot of practice.

Resource: http://blog.macwill.in/2014/09/practices-for-software-developers/


Key points of Web Designing & Quality Web Development – Macwill

Web designing and development is a major and most important step in creation of websites. Web designing & development is a team work involved in creation of best websites. As a world is adopting new trend for doing business through internet the demands of designers and developers with the new and effective ideas is also touching new heights.

Few are some steps which designer developer has to keep in mind while creating websites.

Strong Visual Style: – Web page layout should have strong visual elements (such as text blocks, groups of controls, or windows), and it isn’t very dense or busy. You want the page to look distinctive and attractive; you may have a visual branding strategy in mind. You’d like to use something more interesting than flat white or gray for the page background.

Consistent and Integrated Use of Branding Elements: – A quality web designing must be ‘on brand’. An integrated brand identity provides a visual language that communicates your company and values consistently across all media – both online and offline.

Well Written and Organized Content: – It is important to take the time to ensure that content is well written, targeted to your audience and effectively organized. Your web designer will structure your content to align with your design style, seeking to enhance readability and motivate action.

Visual Structure and Form: – A thoughtful use of form, space and aesthetic structure will enhance the quality of any web design. Effective spacing builds visual appeal. It is often said that ‘less is more’ and that ‘white space is not wasted space’. A crowded design will lose quality and style. A quality website – with enduring appeal – will incorporate adequate visual space around text, images and content forms.

Effective use of Typography and Image: – Typography plays a key role in any web design. The designer must ensure that the content is readable and presented in a layout that promotes engagement. Text should be easy to understand. Titles are an important element of the design and may be styled to compliment your logo and brand.
Boost Conversion Rates: – Conversion rates are boosted when visitors spend more time on the site and visit more frequently. Carefully consider the types of information that your visitors will find the most engaging and build it into your web design concept. Motivate engagement with clear calls to action including subscribe and buy now. Aim to retain the interest of your audience on every page.

Clear Point of Difference to Competitors: – Many web designs across an industry group are very similar in style. A quality web design seeks to distinguish itself from competitors. To stand out in a crowded market ensure your unique ‘points of difference’ are combined into a strong brand message.

Integration with Social Channels: -Today, every business needs to utilize social channels to broaden their reach. A quality web design will connect your social platforms with your website and integrate your social media strategy into the concept design. This will promote links, grow traffic and gain attention. Your social media services should be branded to match your web design.

Optimized for SEO: – Effective search engine optimization is built into your website from the ground up. 90% of your SEO success if obtained via optimizing your structure, content, layout and website code. A quality web design will employ best practice in terms of SEO. Increased visibility enhances search engine traffic and leads to higher conversions.

Web Development Cost: – Your website is an important investment in your business. A ‘cheap and cheerful’ web solution can be false economy long term. Ensure your website is pro-actively designed to grow your business and expand your brand in the competitive online space.

Development Timeline: -Establish a clear timeline for your web project with your designer. Clear milestones will help to monitor progress and ensure goals are met.

Partnership, Process and Communication: –The best web designs are developed in a close consultation between the designer and client. Seek a web designer with whom you can communicate easily. Trust, reliability and commitment are the key personal qualities to look for here.

Future Proof Web Design: – A quality web design provides room for expansion and improvement over time. Make sure your website can accommodate additional features and functionality – without extensive design revisions – as technologies evolve. These wills future proofs your project and save on time and money long term.

After Sales and Service: – A quality web design service continues after the project is finished. Any questions, queries or additional information you require should be freely provided by your web designer ongoing – to ensure the long term success of your web project – without extra expense.

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Responsive Design the most appropriate way to move forward

In the world of technology the world shifts from PC’s to smart phones, tablets and many other devise. Most of the website owners want to build their website user friendly so new trend of web designing has introduced with name responsive designs. A Responsive design is compatible in all devices, it will easily response according to their resolutions. It’s not a fashion but a reliable way to the future.

Macwill - Web Designing

Macwill – Web Designing

Benefits of responsive web design

  • You can provide an opulent web experience to users.
  • No need to worry about content part of website. The way of uploading the content is a same as you upload on non-responsive websites.
  • Responsive web designing is curated keeping that in mind, going with the “ebb and flow of things”
  • It helps us to become responsive towards the future.
  • It’s brought forth many future-friendly approaches along: platform-agnostic, mobile-first, context-first, user-first and so on and so forth.
  • This new era of web design is also embraced by the google.
  • Responsive design doesn’t cost you as much as a separate mobile site or a native app.


  • Trickiest responsive web design problem is Navigation and taking a decision as per the content of your website.
  • In a world where money is at the bottom of it all, responsive ads become one of the biggest problems.
  • The move of the latter obviously adds on to the user experience but must be having some, if not large, impact on their revenue.

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